Completed Challenges Will Be Posted In This Section.

bWAPP SQL Injection (SQLite)

On this thread, the solution to the bWAPP SQLite Injection will be posted.

bWAPP SQL Injection (AJAX/JSON/jQuery) Challenge

This post will document the challenge available on bWAPP for SQL Injection (AJAX/JSON/jQUERY).

HackThisSite Hacking Challenges

On this post, you will find some challenges provided by HackThisSite. You will learn the basics of many simple techniques that cover several security concepts. Below are the challenges documents thus far:

Basic Challenges:
Basic Challenges 1 – 5


This post will document a web hacking challenge by a group called Systerity. Exploiting web application is not the focus of this challenge but rather it tests your knowledge on encoding schemes and analytical skills.



This post will document some challenges found in for their Death Row SQL Injection. I wanted to explain how to exploit the Web Applications and why exploitation works.  A basic understanding of SQL may be needed for the comprehension of these exercises. The pseudo code that is being displayed for these examples are just fictional representations of what the code in the back-end may appear to be.




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