This blog was fabricated for security researchers and entry level security analysts to further understand the nature of how hackers exploit web applications when vulnerabilities exist.   Understanding how hackers formulate and premeditate attacks is essential in counter-intelligence and prevention.

The internet infrastructure has become one of the most important mediums for the storage of information and sensitive documents. Cyber-crime has sporadically increased along with the sophistication of attacks and the creation of new ones. I will try my best to fill this blog with the hacking challenges I’ve solved as well as useful PoCs for common attacks practiced by hackers. Below you can find some of my accreditations.

Oh yeah, one more thing – please use the knowledge you find on this blog responsibly, you are liable for your own actions.

Before you ask me if I have any real hacking experience, the answer is yes. I have reported valid bugs on Google, Western Union, Silent Circle, and many others. Maybe when I have more time I will expand my list further.


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